Стъклена чаша с бамбуков капак Magical


Instructions for use:
– Do not use in the microwave
– Do not use in the dishwasher
– Do not soak
New embossing method, possibility for your design.
The color of the design is bright and clear, durable and does not scratch or erase.

Beautiful cup, bamboo lid and straw.

Capacity 470 ml.

*Bamboo must be dried after washing to avoid mold!

Whether you prefer to drink iced coffee, enjoy a refreshing beer or indulge in homemade smoothies, our drinking glasses with bamboo lids and straws are perfect for a wide range of beverages. These glass cups are suitable for coffee, beer, juice, cocktails, sodas and more, giving you a versatile and practical beverage cup option.





Тегло 0.25 кг
Размери 10 × 10 × 10 см
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385мл., 470мл.

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